Brian Solis put a post on Facebook this morning, sharing his latest blog post talking about Digital Darwinism. I read the article and really liked it because it spoke to the frustrations I was picking up during my day job where #social doesn’t seem to be understood on a wider scale yet, something that is challenging people of my “generation”. I shared that sentiment in the comments and was very surprised to see Brian reply, an interesting conversation spun up quickly and “The Avengers of Social” idea was born:

Having an ordinary person follow his passion, trying to assemble an entire crew of “superheros” & luminaries from the #social space and getting their help to jointly craft & deliver a message that will be heard across all layers of large organisations; using social tools and principles to bring together these experts that would then collaborate to help these organisations understand the criticality of adaptation as well as the need for a culture that embraces #digital, appreciate the increased speed of change and acknowledge the force informed consumers are exerting on their businesses already.

Now, this is Step 1: setting up the channels, starting to structure ideas and content, getting a logo (something I am crowdsourcing at the moment, feel free to contribute ideas) and seeing whether there can be any traction built that connects all these forces to then create something new, something clearer, something, that will be more than the sum of its parts.

The journey begins today, Feb 29 2012: a leap day – are YOU joining?

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